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Join me and the thousands of others who have learned to eat clean + look fantastic with my ebooks. 

Whether you are:

  • Trying to eat healthier but are unsure how to start
  • Frustrated with dieting but not seeing results
  • Looking for some easy and delicious recipes

My mission is help you achieve your goals and become a healthier, happier, and stronger individual in a simple and sustainable way. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey! 

why it works

01 Sustainable results

You want to look + feel great for your whole life, not just 10 days, right? That's why there is no restriction or expensive supplements, just down-to-earth, wholesome, and nutritious food.  We're going back to basics! 

02 customizable plans

These programs work with your schedule and taste buds. You are in control! All recipes are lazy-chef (that's me!) approved and require minimal prep time so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time living your life.

03 delicious FILLING FOOD

Because food should be fun, even when detoxing. These are recipes (sweet potato hash, chocolate pudding, oatmeal pancakes, harvest salad, etc) that will find a place in your daily rotation even after you complete the detox! 

eating healthy feels so good.


start today!

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10 Day Detox

Reboot your diet and transform your body with the original, bestselling 10 Day Detox! 

  • 40+ delicious recipes that can all be made with fewer than 6 easy and affordable ingredients!
  • 4 phases of detoxing Rather than cutting out everything at once, this detox ensures you are consistently making progress throughout the ten days.
  • Meal plans and guides - Each phase includes an example meal plan, and you will also receive a downloadable shopping list that you can bring with you to the grocery store!
  • DIY smoothie and juice cleanse instructions included for extra detoxing after the 10 days (optional!)
  • Bonus contents like natural beauty remedies and tips to detoxify your home, because detoxing involves more than food!
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“i don’t weigh myself but everything has gotten smaller, inner thighs, flatter tummy, it’s been so awesome!”

— Talene

Advanced Detox

Supercharge your health with this advanced-level detox! 

  • 50+ recipes that are 100% vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and revolve around my Top 20 detoxifying ingredients!
  • 3, 7, and 21 day plans that work with your schedule and taste buds. Each comes with an example meal plan!
  • Homemade detox and digestion tea recipes for extra nutrients and optimal digestion. 
  • And beyond that… Expect to see grocery lists, meal plans, cooking and meal prep guidelines, and tips for long-term success! 
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“i already feel so much lighter and way more energetic...i have already lost a lot of the “bloat” feel/look!”

— Victoria

Detox Bundle

Completely transform your body and your mindset towards food with this detox set! The two detox programs work together to set you up for sustained success.

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"I’m getting married next month and i’m so happy i found this detox! thanks for helping me look my best for my big day, and within budget!”

— Adrianna

Ebook Package

Are you all in? Get this complete package for the best deal! This set includes both detox books + the perfect post-detox recipe book. 

30.00 36.00
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"i’ve tried so many things and have always failed after a couple of days. this process has been so easy, i have already lost 5 lbs but its about detoxing my body and getting more grounded, more healthy, and stronger!”


Celebrate Real Food

This gorgeous ebook is your beginning guide to cooking nutritious, simple, and DELICIOUS plant-based food! All you need to know is how to boil water; I'll teach you the rest! 

  • Over 35 of my favorite vegetarian breakfast, entree, and dessert recipes!

  • Each recipe includes vegan + gf substitutions.

  • Loads of my best cooking tips and guides!

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You will a receive a link to download your books after you purchase! I recommend downloading on a laptop or computer rather than a mobile device. If you run into any issues downloading your ebooks please email me and I will sort it out for you ASAP! (:


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