"Hi Jenny!
Hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING your detox. I am currently on Day 5, and I already feel so much lighter and way more energetic. I was honestly surprised with how quickly I started feeling the effects of the cleanse. I just made the coconut curry last night, and the stuffed sweet potato the night before, and lots of the other recipes too! It's been so easy and fun, I haven't fallen off the wagon at all lol. My plan is to do the 4 phases and then the smoothie cleanse (only because I don't have a juicer), then work backwards through the 4 phases again. I have already lost a lot of the "bloat" feel/look. Thanks again for this awesome little book. It was so simple and easy to follow, I wasn't overwhelmed by it at all. Good job, girl!"

- Victoria 

"I'm getting married next month and I'm so happy I found this detox! I just started my second detox after completing the first book...the recipes are easy to make and super yummy, and I've been seeing consistent progress. Can't wait to see the final results soon! Thanks for helping me look my best for my big day, and within budget!"

- Adrianna

"Finally, something that works for the whole family! I started this detox on my own, and my kids became curious in trying my food. Now they demand buckwheat pancakes and chia pudding! It's truly a miracle. Thanks, Jenny, for helping my whole family get excited about eating healthy!!"

- Charles

"Dear Jenny, I am currently on day 7 of your detox method. I am in love with this detox process. I've tried so many other things to lose weight, get healthy and have always failed after a couple of days. This process has been so easy and so gentle. I have already lost 5 lbs but its about more than that now. It's about detoxing my body and getting more grounded, more healthy, and stronger. So thank you so much for putting this e-book together. I am telling everyone to go buy it now!"

- Maritza 

"I did the 10 day detox after watching "fat, sick, n nearly dead." I lost 19 pounds in a healthy fashion and it felt great. Working out was difficult without many carbs to burn , so I didn't do much of it. I would recommend this to everyone."

- Chris

"Hi! I did this detox a couple weeks ago and honestly I never realized how much I ate... and how much I didn't have to if I put the right foods in my body. I haven't stopped only eating raw and organic foods. and I completely gave up dairy because I realized that I felt better not eating it. I always thought I ate pretty healthy, but now i realized that this is the healthiest I'd ever eaten and the best I've ever felt. I don't weigh myself but everything has gotten smaller, inner thighs, flatter tummy, it's been so awesome. and the best part is I don't even crave bad foods... such a good detox. thanks for this awesome ebook."

- Talene



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